Helping more than 4000 companies since 2012 I have become expert in fuel theft prevention.

I am interested in knowing your operation and help increasing your fleet profit

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I will share the most common thefts happening in your fleet, also the most common methods applied by your competition and finally the savings achieved by each method.

I will make sure to give you the right actionable tips that you can put in practice after the meeting to increase your fleets profit.

Also you can access the recording of my conferences in English in or in youtube.

Industries which have had better savings after meeting with an expert in fuel theft prevention systems are:

  • Heavy Trucks,
  • Fuel trucks (Cistern Trucks),
  • Dump Trucks,
  • Machinery,
  • Fluvial and Maritime Machinery,
  • Cranes
  • Ships,
  • Dredging,
  • Stationary Tanks,
  • Rigs and Petroleum Platforms.

Previous to the meeting you can access the conferences I have done in the past in English.

The meeting could be done in English, Spanish or Portugues.

I am Systems Engineer, since 1997 to 2012 I have led experts to integrate mission critical technologies in companies like Avaya, Comware Colombia and Comware Venezuela to render services with distributed teams located in United States, Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela, México, Argentina e India.

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In 2012 I founded ITK Soluciones. Since then we are 100% focused in assuring the best fuel sensors, processes and professionals to help companies in:

  • North America,
  • Central America
  • and South America

to achieve important savings for all kind of fleets.

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Articles written by John Espinal A. expert in Fuel Theft Prevention